Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Peruvian adventure in Portland!!!

We sat and listened while the waitress wowed us with her "Peruvian" accent as she described the specials for the day. Definitely only for the adventurous she said. The alligator with carrots and something else.. A crab soup of some sort. She was almost finished describing the day's specials. "Are we going to eat 'gators and crabs?!!" a small horrified voice piped up. Her eyes wider than ever. No hon, your parents and aunts and uncle just arent *that* adventurous. She relaxed as we settled for an abolutely amazing potato frittata, a fresh citrusy quinoa salad, chicken wings, the most tender lamb shank (no wonder its star dish) and mushrooms with the best fries ever. Not to forget, an exquisite sea food soup where the shrimps were skewered on lemongrass. Oh the so subtle taste of lemongrass in those perfectly cooked shrimp. Almost a peruvian take on the chicken pot pie... only better!!! And did I mention the potato bread with the spicy sauces(of course, only one was spicy enough for us). And for dessert, we resisted the "sigh of lima" and fell for the creme brulee trio. How, just how did you make that pear creme brulee??!! Outstanding. At Andina it was definitely from the Andes!!! Maybe one day I will confirm that.

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