Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Kitchen Renovation

Almost a year to the date. I look back at the past year of drawing up plans, visiting the township offices, working with a contractor who let me have my way and gazillion inspections; and am pleasantly pleased with the result. Especially the kitchen. Though ready way back in February, for a perfect birthday treat, I never got around to taking pictures of the kitchen - a clean kitchen ;)

The best part of the kitchen - the huge granite island. A whitish granite with hints of green and mauve. Love the glass inserts and the steel pendant lights.

By far, my most favorite - the range. By far, his most favorite - the vent. By far, the most difficult decision - the backsplash.
The biggest nightmare of this kitchen design - disguising the soffit.
With absolutely no wall cabinets to eat into, the microwave is tucked into the island.