Thursday, January 1, 2009

A new year kiss!!!

Watching: Phantom of the Opera
Dessert for the day: Pistachio Creme Brulee (yes, I made it!!)

"Why arent you at Times Square?" he typed.
"It is about 1F !!!", I said.
"Down a couple shots and it will all be fine...", he shot back.
"What about him?", I worried.
"Sake should good. Rice-based.. Gluten-free", he quipped.
He has a good sense of humor, my brother... Some people may call it sarcastic. But I enjoy it. Maybe, because I am sarcastic too. Anyways, thats how my new year started - watching the Clintons and Bloomberg at Times Square on our huge-ass TV from our living-room couch. 2009 is here.

As I look back on the last year, everything is a haze. Maybe I should start blogging. Just like the weekly status reports at work. Proposal in January after dinner at Genoa, Wedding in India in April, Kennebunkport (Maine) in May, his GMAT in June, Lion King at Broadway for his birthday in July, Nesara turned two in August, Hwy 101 trip in September, Fall-trip to VT in November. Lots of wonderful restaurants like Tabla(NYC), Genoa(PDX). Could have blogged a lot, but work consumed all my time. This year will be different. Will be more serious and disciplined.

Straighten out my finances
Finish my PhD
Travel to Europe
Eat well, Exercise Regularly

The last year in pictures... Wedding is the highlight and of course, Nesara...

Little Miss Sunshades... on our Fall-trip to Willoughvale

Two people I adore the most...

Prashanth and me

Chand, Rags and me