Saturday, May 1, 2010

Washing the dishes

So, here we are.. Found this amazing molten chocolate cake recipe... Makes like a mousse.. Rises like a souffle... With warm molten chocolate interior... Decadence!!! So, I tested the recipe in the afternoon.. And tasted it too... alone... by myself.. A girl needs to reward herself for all the hard work, and hey!! I was going to bake it again in the evening... Eight minutes at 400F.. Would be perfect... right??!! Not really... since it was sitting in the fridge all evening, it needed more than 8 minutes.. Realised that a minute too late .... So, here we are... Two years and still going strong... I think ... I survived my encounter with a true "lava" cake and he still seems ok with doing the dishes... Maybe he agrees with Morley...

WHEN we on simple rations sup
How easy is the washing up!
But heavy feeding complicates
The task by soiling many plates.

And though I grant that I have prayed
That we might find a serving-maid,
I'd scullion all my days I think,
To see Her smile across the sink!

I wash, she wipes. In water hot
I souse each pan and dish and pot;
While taffy mutters, purrs, and begs,
And rubs himself against my legs.

The man who never in his life
Has washed the dishes with his wife
Or polished up the silver plate--
He still is largely celibate.

One warning: there is certain ware
That must be handled with all care:
The Lord Himself will give you up
If you should drop a willow cup!