Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Next time, the court will be closer or "grass"ier ..

After spending all of the long weekend clearing out the trash I had so carefuly stowed away in each and every closet in the house, it was a breather to watch this 4th round match in person. Saved the entire weekend. Yup, Melzer won most of the interesting points. But then gave away the very next easy one. Consistency was the name of the game here. And who else will deliver when it matters the most. But of course, Federer. Such a thoughtful husband - carefully picked out a 4th round match that Federer would play in. An interesting match though a straight-setter (secretly thankful it dint drag out to another set and let us get some sleep before the work week hit us).

Even made an appearance on the big screen. Had never thought that the cameraman came with an enourage of volunteers handing out ben-n-jerry icecreams to people who scrreamed the loudest. Does that happen in other grand-slams too? In other sports too????...

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