Monday, August 23, 2010

A nibble of heaven in New Haven

Well, it ll starts out on a weekend and I am working (and yes, we do get to paradise from here, trust me) and I managed to get a virus on my laptop surfing for recipes. When nobody could help me remotely, a drive to Hudson, MA was mandatory. And, he joined me on my way to CT to help with the drive. Ain't he sweet!!! Sure enough by 5, I had a new laptop (never mind that it took till Friday to get all my stuff to the new HD) and ready to work, ahem tackle the traffic that lay ahead. Well, perfect time to stop for dinner, he said. As always he quickly dismissed the french restaurant I picked and so we wound up at Ibizza. No crowds on a Monday!! Great!! We start with a hunk of warm bread and this.
This, is no ordinary olive oil. I was certain it was infused with "something". But no... Reminded us of the time in Venice, where this guy explained to us how the olives from the coast are rich with the taste and smell of the sea. If one could probably capture in a bottle, the taste and smell of some olive garden off the spanish coast, this would probably be it. And so we started, with the best olive oil I have ever tasted to date. Continuing on to a gazpacho. Unlike the gazpacos I am familair with - the chunky tomato based ones I have seen on food network, this was a wonderfully cold cucumber-pepper-honey dew melon based clear soup. Pair them up with some cheese croquettes, they are a great appetizer. Up next, a potato tartine and salad, and this duck breast accompanied by an avocado-carrot salad. Takes guacamole to a whole new level. And for his vegetarian entree, tonnes of roasted vegetables swimming in a mind-blowing sauce. And end it all with a warm chocolate souffle like dessert, I bet they do have a spanish name that does it justice. Anyways, there it is, Ibizza. Went there expecting tapas and was introduced to some really traditional Spanish fare. Heavenly, indeed!!!

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B said...

sounds yummy put up some more pics of that kitchen. We are remodeling too in bits and pieces