Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fried Rice, the way I like it...

Back when we were in MN, we loved the fried rice we got at a local restaurant in Plymouth. Have never been able to find a similar one since it shut down till recently. Have tried a gazillion times to duplicate *that* fried rice, to no avail. This one comes close.
The trick was to thinly slice the beans and carrots diagionally. And wait for the oil to be screaming hot before stir frying. I started with carrots and added the beans next and peas last. Seasoned with some salt. And then scrambled eggs on the side of the same pan. On the side, added soya sauce, hot sauce, tomato hot and sweet chili sauce, a dash of sesame oil and rice wine vinegar to cold rice. And then added the rice mixture to the veggies and eggs, for another coupleminues of stir fry. A colleague says fish sauce would add great flavor, but havent convinced my vegetarian taster a.k.a husband yet.

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