Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pick "up" your own pumpkin

Being from India, we are pretty new to the halloween traditions in the US. All started a couple years ago when we decided to get pictures at the pumpkin patch with N. A train took us to the farm and we wandered around with the wheel-barrow picking out our own pumpkins... And getting pictures... Little did I realise how pampered we were out west. This year, since we are all out east decided to get our annual pumpkin patch pictures out here. We pulled up and there was a huge patch of picked pumpkins... No.. thats not what we want... We want the pumpkins in the field and we want to pick them... Oh a hayride to the farm??!! Not a bad idea.. sure, we will take that... We went around the "farm" and ended up at the same patch with all the pre-picked pumpkins... As C puts it, out east, its never a pick-your-own-pumpkin... its always a pick-up-your-own-punpkin

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